Application Campaign
Red Bull Music Academy New York

Application Campaign — Red Bull Music Academy New York
— Awarded with a merit for illustration at the 92nd ADC Awards 2013 in Miami

At the Red Bull Music Academy, sixty selected musicians from all over the world come together in a new city every year.

For the application campaign of the 2012 2013* edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in New York City we developed a series of artworks. Crossing items we associate with New York and terms used in music production like mono/stereo or reverb/delay we created strangely modified pairs of objects resembling known before-after demonstrations.

Based on these artworks we produced diverse collateral which was distributed through bars, clubs, record shops and at Red Bull Music Academy Sessions in more than 80 cities worldwide – from Paris to Portland, Budapest to Beirut, LA to London…

Art direction, design, illustration: David Eckes & Paul Steinmann
Photography: Dan Wilton and Gianfranco Tripodo
Editing: Yadastar

Red Bull Music Academy and it’s spin-offs are developed, programmed and produced by Yadastar.

*subsequently postponed to 2013